About Us

Thorsten HagelCenterpiece of UTZ Racing Engines is Thorsten Hagel. Driven by increasing dissatisfaction about the tuning engines on the market, he began to develop the UTZ Racing Engines on basis of G230 and G240 Zenoah Engines. During the development the absolute maximum power only has a subordinate role. Core objectives are drivability, durability, and fuel consumption of the engines. What is the fastest engine good for if it fails after 20 minutes or is out of fuel after 25?

We will not promise excessive power of our engines. The power of each UTZ Engine is clearly above Standard Engines – But you won’t hear promises like “7bhp”, because they are simply impossible.

MADE IN GERMANY: Made in Germany has priority at UTZ. Our large own machinery enables rapid production with consistently high quality. We produce with professional lathes and milling. In addition, we test all engines on our own engine test stand.


  • 2015: European Champion Formula 1
  • 2015: European Champion Touring Car Youth
  • 2015: German Champion Touring Car Youth
  • 2015: German Champion Touring Car 40+
  • 2016: European Champion ShortCourse Offroad
  • 2016: European Champion Touring Car
  • 2016: European Champion Formula 1
  • 2016: European Champion Formula 1 40+
  • 2016: German Champion Formula 1