UTZ Nano Nuklear

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The UTZ Nano Nuklear is the result of endless development work on the track and on the dyno. It contains years of racing experience and a whole lot of work. The since the 2016 newly available NUKLEAR stage is the absolute peak of the performance development of the UTZ engines. Racing engines at it’s best!

The Nuklear is also internationally one of the top engines! In its first year, Giovanni Verbrugghe won the European Championship in Bologna with a UTZ Nano Nuklear. With, in total, three Nuklear Engines in the Main final, UTZ was the strongest Engine manufacturer in that heat!

The Nano Nuklear has again changed timings and even more precise manufacturing tolerances from the Nano Plus, and is optimized for even higher revs and top speeds.

As with all our products, we lay our focus on the quality. Not the maximum power output is the deciding factor, but durability, drivability, for competition engines long maintenance intervals, and fuel consumption. Our customers can rely on their UTZ Racing engines at all times!

The target group for the UTZ Nano Nuklear is the ambitioned or professional onroad racing driver who has fun with the raised performance but doesn’t want to relinquish reliability and extended maintenance intervals.

Caution: If you select the option “Ohne Zündung und Lüfterrad”, this engine comes without ignition and flywheel. It is meant for drivers that already possess flywheel/ignition. Customers can either mount the flywheel and ignition themselves or can send these parts to us. We mount the various ignitions without extra cost, test, and ship the engine.


  • Measuring and select Piston and Zylinder for best possible fit
  • Adjust Crankshaft
  • Flow-optimized Cylinder and Crankcase
  • Remove Choke flap
  • Adjust and align Ball Bearings
  • Adjusting and facing the cylinder base
  • Shortening of the Overflow Channels and modification of the timings
  • Adjusting of the Piston, lightening, turning, and milling
  • Lightening and balancing of Fan Wheel
  • Modification of Casing
  • Durable glued and sealed Cylinder Base
  • Unique neon yellow UTZ Racing engine cover- and starter cover-sticker

The UTZ Nano Nuklear Engines have to come to be visually inspected every 10 to 15 liters. That is equivalent to every 10 to 15 operating hours.


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